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Here we go to the quarter-finals of Copa del Rey. Hala Madrid!
@♡Puteri Comel♡ - April 5, 2014
RT if u teared up when Barney met his daughter! Watch the moment again: #HIMYMFinale…
@Daniel Rodriguez - April 1, 2014
RT if you think Real Madrid will defeat Barcelona to win Copa del Rey. #ElClasico
@Colin Karabatsos - April 17, 2014
RT if you think Lionel Messi will lead Barcelona over Real Madrid to win Copa del Rey. #ElClasico
@Dr. McJuzzyPuzzy - April 16, 2014
Flo and @LanaDelRey hit the red carpet at Cannes for last night's Great Gatsby gala opening screening (FloHQ)…
@soph - March 3, 2014

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