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My homie Christiano Ronaldo got the President of Japan throwing up Young money! He too real 4dat! Young Muulah baby! http:/…
@EROTOMANIA - Sept. 4, 2014
How Christiano Ronaldo felt after Portugal's performance today
@J - June 16, 2014
Christiano Ronaldo's footwork is too crazy 😳 |
@Noah - June 17, 2014
For the 2% of you, Christiano Ronaldo is putting on another ridiculous show. Insane!! Carries #Portugal to #worldcup2014
@Nikolay Ryazantsev - Nov. 20, 2013
In a home friendly, England had no shots on target. None. In a tense away competitive qualifier, Christiano Ronaldo ha…
@Faiz Arsyad Wahab - Nov. 20, 2013

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