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She's a wrestling pioneer. I truly had deep affection & respect for "Aunty Mae" Young. RIP. #IMissUMae
@Ferrell #MASK - Jan. 15, 2014
Using public sources, I prepared edu qualification table for #ModiMinistry Najma - Most Literate Uma - Least literate http://t…
@gautam ghosh - May 26, 2014
Many Many Big Personalities favored Bapuji, and bow to Him. #Paidmedia never shown this. #BailOn7thJan…
@Deepmala kushwaha - Jan. 6, 2014
Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam to NDTV "Revolution started by AAP is necessary for change" #UnitedWithAAP http://t.c…
@poonam - Jan. 16, 2014
Watch this. Then imagine what he will do to India!!: Narendra Modi Exposed by BJP Leader Uma Bharti.:…
@Arjun Arora - April 11, 2014

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