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EXPOSED!! Justin Bieber Video having sex party in the whorehouse. Download now
@Danuraf - Nov. 9, 2013
Can't wait <3
@anna curry - Feb. 11, 2014
New Zealand, thank you for your loud crowds and for days like this.
@♥Aliando's - Dec. 10, 2013
At the University of Munich in Germany, this 4 story slide can take students from any floor down to ground level. http://t…
@OccupyMyCat - Feb. 20, 2014
My 'autocorrect' just corrected sex with security. ha SAD. Long long ARTPOP day. Excited for AMAS! Nigh nigh babies http://t.…
@☯rhiannon☯ - Nov. 26, 2013

What happened that day?