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#PYD featuring rkelly is on iTunes NOW!!! Download it. Gift it. Rate it. Spread it! POW POW
@Filipino Belieber - Nov. 18, 2013
How can you not retweet real ass shit like this. Tupac was nothing but 💯 R.i.p with respect.
@Jonathan Adkins ✌ - Feb. 13, 2014
86th Academy Awards, Oscar Fun Facts, and The Worlds 15 Richest People this week on #TKWS @CoHo…
@Christine - March 5, 2014
Hey guys!!! Watch my story & enter the #ACUVUE1DAY Contest: NoPurNec 13–21only Rules@URL #ad http://t…
@Believe In Yourself - April 6, 2014…
@Kayaker 007 - Dec. 6, 2013

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