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FOUND! Hero in checked shirt at #LittleIndiaRiot is 38-years-old Govindarasu from Tamil Nadu
@Jieying - Dec. 16, 2013
Advertising fail: Billboard in Tamil Nadu India pays respect to Morgan Freeman instead of Nelson Mandela.…
@Ruther - Feb. 21, 2014
Up in Gulmarg no less “@dhume: Best state! MT @swag_swami: Two chief ministers of Tamil Nadu in a single frame: http://t…
@aaditya bharadwaj - Aug. 1, 2014
₹ 107.61 cr nett. ALL TIME R…
@Ranjay Shukla - Dec. 23, 2013
Tamil translation of my speech at BJP National Council….thankful to the volunteers for the translation. Watch…
@Salman khurshiid - March 4, 2014

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