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Loving my bromance with @Louis_Tomlinson , hes sooooo sexy !!!!!!
@clark - Jan. 8, 2014
Be kind loving to each other, forgive each other as god forgave us through Christ Merry Christmas IM HERE FOREVER
@Lauren - Dec. 25, 2013
@Louis_Tomlinson im sitting on the sofa opposite look sexy.
@None - Jan. 9, 2014
On this day 19years hero was born. Happy birthday to my man crush @Louis_Tomlinson ;) Yayyy!!
@christmas eve ♡ - Dec. 24, 2013
Happy Halloween here's my pumpkin attempt I'm very proud of myself and that I can now handle sharp objects :D http://t…
@♡ tat ♡ - Oct. 31, 2013

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