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A guy like Adam Levine pls 🙏😭😍
@chelsea - Oct. 21, 2014
Fantastic soccer conversation with @Persie_Official and @PatrickKluivert many goals at the same table.
@Luis Gustavo - Oct. 21, 2014
.@Falcao loves hearing the #mufc fans sing his name at OT: "It's magic. It sounds like thunder inside the stadium."…
@23 - Oct. 21, 2014
Blue skies in Manchester as @Falcao and @MarcosRojo5 get to work at the Aon Training Complex. #mufc
@23 - Oct. 21, 2014
#mufc's @D_DeGea gave one of the best performances of his career yesterday. What do you #Playfor?
@M Nur Abadi - Oct. 21, 2014

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