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Korean students make a raft out of potato chip bags to prove they have too much air in them:…
@CAROL ☀ - Oct. 1, 2014
A goodbye between North & South Korean brothers after a family reunion, who were separated for over 57 years, 2010. ht…
@Luan Muñoz- MAHONE - Oct. 1, 2014
Big shoutout to @MazeRunnerMovie fans in Korea. KOREAN FANS DAEBAK!! #MazeRunner
@chompiezta - Oct. 1, 2014
Xavi breaks Raul's all-time record for @ChampionsLeague appearances #PSGFCB #FCBLive #UCL
@鷹柳 龍二(仮) - Oct. 1, 2014
White girls swear they can dance 😂😂
@T.R.K. - Oct. 1, 2014

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