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Thank you for all your birthday wishes and everyone at Real Madrid for the cake!!
@Shaheer Sheikh - July 23, 2014
Taiwan ...Taiwan !!!! See you Tonight !! It's not a bad thing to fall in love with me !!!:)
@Firda Kusuma - July 23, 2014
Too beautiful not to post
@Bri - July 23, 2014
Don't even try to hide it you did this as well 😂 #4yearsofonedirection #HowIHeardAbout1D
@4 YEARS ❤️ - July 23, 2014
To celebrate #4YearsOfOneDirection here's a photo that the boys took on one of our iMacs here at MTV HQ 4 years ago!! http:…
@brianna - July 23, 2014

What happened that day?