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video sundayyyyyyy!! hope you guys like it and remember you can download soml hereeeee http://t…
@one direction - Nov. 22, 2013
Look how excited Gabe is that Sunderland won.
@GreGo - March 3, 2014
So the fans can download midnight memories tonight if they’ve pre ordered the album !! exciting !! ☺ x
@CAN'T WAIT FOR1DDAY♥ - Nov. 22, 2013
I’m happy to be part of the Shots of Me team. Download the app and share your selfies
@Полина - Nov. 22, 2013
i have the greatest FANS in the world. U guys made me, not a TV show, or some marketing gimic. u guys made my dream happe…
@nat - Jan. 11, 2014

What happened that day?