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Just watched last nights X factor, Nicole Scherzinger is fucking amazing ! What a voice.
@ ∞Anna™ - Dec. 16, 2013
Retweet to #VoiceSave Caroline
@Chelsea - Nov. 27, 2013
#PranksterOnTheLoose - - haha. see the rest of the pranks of the #proactiv youtube channel.
@Bizzle - April 10, 2014
It takes a long time for the YouTube and VEVO counters to catch up so we could still get the #StealMyGirlVEVORecord! http…
@Natalia - Oct. 25, 2014
Don't stop spreading this, until @BarackObama sees it. He must hear OUR VOICE. #ferguson
@❁ - Nov. 25, 2014

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